Beans that won't cost you an Earth

About EcoBeans

The world is looking for new bio-based materials and we aim to be part of this transformation.

When we embarked on a mission to develop a new plant-based foam as an alternative to polystyrene, we thought “Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!!”

The research journey has been long and demanding. There have been many success and challenges along the way so we are very excited to bring EcoBeans, our first commercial product to market. Behind the scenes, our research team continues to work on new products such as moulded foam for helmets, boxes and beehives.

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic product. I love that they are non-toxic and it is so easy to fill the bean bag!


We purchased 900l of Eco Beans for our 4 2wel outdoor beans bags that will be used for our events – and they are awesome!
We love to support NZ companies and make environmentally conscious buying decisions as much as we can when source goods and services – and being that these beans are also made from plants and that they’re super eco friendly – it ticked all the boxes for us!
Thanks for creating a great product and helping us all to better look after our world x

Really glad to find this eco-friendly product. Great service & good communication also.

Cathy Knowsley