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Eco-friendly plant-based alternative beanbag fill to polystyrene. Manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Better Comfort & longer lasting

EcoBeans are 100% non-toxic. They are larger than the standard polystyrene bean bag beads, which makes them super supportive. As they hold their shape better than traditional polystyrene beads, the bean bag is much easier to get in and out of. You also don’t need to refill or top up your bean bag as often.

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Plant-based eco-friendly beanbag filling

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, longer lasting and more supportive bean bag filling, you can’t go wrong with EcoBeans.

Our fill is made from PLA and it is produced right here in New Zealand. EcoBeans are entirely plant-based.

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Refilling your beanbag has never been so easy

Looking to buy EcoBeans in bulk?

Customer Reviews

Fantastic product. I love that they are non-toxic and it is so easy to fill the bean bag!


We purchased 900l of Eco Beans for our 4 2wel outdoor beans bags that will be used for our events – and they are awesome!
We love to support NZ companies and make environmentally conscious buying decisions as much as we can when source goods and services – and being that these beans are also made from plants and that they’re super eco friendly – it ticked all the boxes for us!
Thanks for creating a great product and helping us all to better look after our world x

Really glad to find this eco-friendly product. Great service & good communication also.

Cathy Knowsley

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